Action at a Distance

We have added a late proof of Action at a Distance published by Routledge in 2018. As indicated on the link, please cite and quote from the published version of the book.

Relaunched Site

After quite a bit of fiddling and re-construction, the site has been relaunched. I have moved it to a new hosting package which should take care of most of the issues we have been having. If you have any problems just let me know. Bob

Three Updated Scans

Once more, a huge vote of thanks to Alex Dennis for providing three updated scans :Workflow in a Paediatric Clinic : The Definition of Alternatives : Working Towards Agreement. Both the index aand the relevant archives have been updated. Thanks Alex Bob...

Two New Papers

After what has been a long ‘silence’, we are now in a position to add 2 new pieces to the archive. They are ‘The Contingencies of Due Process’ and ‘ Ethnomethodology: A First Sociology?’. They are from a volume of studies of...