Welcome to the Research Archive for Wes Sharrock and Bob Anderson

This archive holds published and unpublished research papers, books and other materials on which we have collaborated for almost half a century. We have created it to make it easy for friends, colleagues and students to access our work. In addition, some of the journals and publishing houses we used no longer exist.
This archive does not contain introductions to Ethnomethodology and Sociology we have co-authored. Neither does it contain work authored outside our collaboration.

Much of the material available here is unpublished and we are hereby exercising copyright over it.

© W.W. Sharrock and R. J. Anderson 2019

Please abide by the usual requirements of fair use when citing or quoting from the materials stored here

New Security Settings

I have had to increase the security for the site. This may lead to some short term difficulties in accessing the pages as the DNS propages the changes. If, after a couple of days, you are still having problems just let me know and I'll try to fix them. Bob

Broken Links

My apologies if you have had trouble using the site recently. I am not sure what happened but the links to various pages were broken. I have re-installed everything with the consequence that each page is now duplicated. Rather than go through each page deleting the...

Parsons’ Plenum

We have added a new paper on the relationships between A.N. Whitehead's philosophy and Parsons' The Structure of Social Action. This is the product of following a branch line that emerged from a consideration of the issue of "realism" and EMCA. It is located in the...

The Material Subject

We have added an addendum to The Methodology of Third Person Phenomenology which draws upon the philosophy of Samuel Todes to construct a conception of pre-reflective action as part of the constitution of the social actor. This addendum will be folded into the main...

Action at a Distance

We have added a late proof of Action at a Distance published by Routledge in 2018. As indicated on the link, please cite and quote from the published version of the book.

Relaunched Site

After quite a bit of fiddling and re-construction, the site has been relaunched. I have moved it to a new hosting package which should take care of most of the issues we have been having. If you have any problems just let me know. Bob

A Celebration for Wes

Recently a number of Wes' friends, colleagues and students gathered to mark and celebrate Wes' contribution to the disciplines of Ethnomethodology, Sociology and Philosophy by presenting him with a festschrift. As you can see from the picture below, he was both very...

Three Updated Scans

Once more, a huge vote of thanks to Alex Dennis for providing three updated scans :Workflow in a Paediatric Clinic : The Definition of Alternatives : Working Towards Agreement. Both the index aand the relevant archives have been updated. Thanks Alex Bob :

The Relationship between Ethnomethodology and Phenomenology

Thanks to the good offices of Alex Dennis, we have been able to upload a much better scan of our paper 'The relationship between Ethnomethodology and Phenomenology' which was published in Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, Vol. 16 No.3, October 1985....

Two New Papers

After what has been a long 'silence', we are now in a position to add 2 new pieces to the archive. They are 'The Contingencies of Due Process' and ' Ethnomethodology: A First Sociology?'. They are from a volume of studies of management reasoning called Action at a...